Hi there!
My name is Matt, a 90's offspring and passionate photographer since childhood. Throughout the past years I've explored many aspects of photography, such as being a self-employed photographer until december 2021.
I felt deeply privileged for being part of Belgium's event and festival scene. But in all honesty, during the Covid19 pandemic, I came to the realisation that a part of the passion was slowly dying within. 
I was driven by money and often 'boring' demands from thirds. A combination that no longer matched my mindset. I wanted to go back to what photography truly means to me, so I decided to change course and set sail back towards the point where the passion once started for me.
What defines me?
I like simplicity, so setting a low aperture and embracing bokeh is always my base. Specially in photography, I'm a true believer of a 'Less is more' mindset. 
Furthermore I'll focus on details, rather than all-saying overviews. I love to discover hidden perspectives, without ever losing eye for composition or - even better - symmetry. An interplay between both is my ultimate match made in heaven!
My gear
Nikon D750 & Z5 - DJI Mini 2 - Iphone - Nikkor & Sigma lenses (range between 10mm and 200mm and starting at f1,4) - Adobe Lightroom
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